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Liminality in Flux:Experience Transitioning in Motion Eternally (LiFETiME)


Part of Rhythm of Peace – Movement for Change

7:30 p.m. Tuesday October 23, 2018

Sheldon Museum of Art, Grand Hall


Hye-Won Hwang and Roz Hussin, choreography & rearrangement of taiji &

performance; Geraldine Dobos, stage design and props; Karen Becker, cello

Background: The heart of LiFETiME is an acknowledgement of an abiding sense of acceptance for others and ourselves, through an interactive, interdisciplinary, and multicultural piece comprising visual and performance art, and community involvement.


The concept and scope of LiFETiME developed more fully after Roz Hussin (UNL Instructional Designer) joined an informal conversation that had begun between Karen Becker (UNL Music) and Hye-Won Hwang (UNL Dance), two faculty members of the Glenn Korff School of Music. Their shared desire to actively include the Lincoln community in the celebration of diversity and individuality suggested a third component, visual art, and a medium, such as t-shirts,

that was accessible to everyone.


Workshops to creatively recycle t-shirts into yarn were facilitated by Geraldine Dobos (UNL Art History Adjunct) at events and locations within the city. Participants were encouraged to use their own t-shirts, which represented their own LiFETiME. The collaborative team’s intent is to sustain this LiFETiME dialogue concerning acceptance with ongoing workshops post-performance, across different communities, and potentially, for a LiFETiME. Through this movement, they wish to promote respect, trust, and healing in the face of a world of uncertainty. 


Acknowledgements: A heartfelt thank you to all the workshop participants and other contributors crucial in making this project a reality: ● Malone Center Make Lincoln Event (Alex + Viola, Raina Botts, Brady, Chloe, Dan, David, Dan, Eirel, Donna Gould, Roz Hussin, Yulia Iziumova, Jennifer Johnson, Keany, Lyric, Max McGrumpy, Najah, Nalana, Norah, Kristie Schnell, Shelly, Savannah Soper, Lanette Edison Sou, Eli Trost, Jackson Trost, Verity W., Toni Yost) ● Legacy Residents (Activities Director, Carla Hiatt, Donna Anderson, Wilma Boles, Dorothy Delp, Elaine Exstrom, Kay Donis, Betty Gilbert, Kate Liesveld,Virginia Mink, Dody Pisel, with Talicia Hillers, and Jaci Sinnett) ● Legacy Terrace Residents (Lois Anderson, Charles Gates, Donna Holka, Joan McKeen, Lu Nealy, Marge Sutter, Yazdani, with Larissa Miller, and Ashley Russell) ● Legacy Estates Residents (Margaret Coleman, Jean Davie, Carol Lantz, Kelly Mertlik, Ruby Minert, Ruby Nocita, Clara Ruth Ransom, Janet Ritterling, Barb Roberts, Virginia Thomas, with Kay Keister) ● Kawasaki Wives (Sumiyo Iwanaga, Ling He, Yukako Ogawa, Atsuki Oshiro, Hitoe Nakamura, Ayumi Nozaki, Sachie Sato, Takako Yamada) ● Studio Workshops (Harold Bowen, Mark Coyle, Jane Hansen, Paul Hoffman, Roz Hussin, Sumiyo Iwanaga, Deven Rieck, Kourtney Shoemaker, Nali Yan) ● UNL faculty and students (TEAC305 Arts Elementary School Curriculum Course instructor: Alleen Christensen, and students Machaela Atkinson, Kelsey Carlson, Emily Havranek, Douglass Hunsberger, Jenna Kaczmarski, Aylissa Koch, Lauren Millwood, Abby Randolph, Sophia Redel, Lauren Millwood, Abby Randolph, Sophia Redel, Hanna Savidge, Krisha Scoot, Sarah Sieps, Taylor Sugden, Cynthia Torres Arizaga, Jamie Vondracek, Alyssa Wollberg) ● Corporate Sponsors (Screen Ink, Shirts 101) ● Installation team (Brook Taylor, Sanea Burris, Scott Grossenbacher) ● The ArtReach Project (Lisa Gustafson, Karen Williams) ● Logistics (Robert Dobos, Kourtney Shoemaker) ● and to all anonymous donors and unnamed collaborators who contributed their time, effort, and support to the cause. The University of Nebraska (UNL) does not discriminate based upon any protected status. Please see 2017.PL1701




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